Premiere (postponed due to covid-19)
Watch this space......... we will rise like the phoenix!

the way of ink ••º• is a quiet reflection on landscape and the authorship of things.  Asher meticulously activates a chain of events in conversation and collaboration with cellulose materials; chromatography paper, floral foam and writing inks. She appropriates the laboratory process ‘chromatography’ to reference cosmic evolution and the formation and topography of a landscape and acknowledges the interconnectedness between land, people and culture. Subtly, the work challenges our anthropomorphic perspective and suggests we approach our lives with greater wonder and humility towards ordinary non-human objects.

Creation and Performance: Asher O’Gorman with chromatography paper, floral foam & writing inks

Sound: Daniel Lercher

Costume & Artistic advice: Stefan Röhrle

Irish heritage conversation partner & Outside eye: Ruairi Donavon

Production management: Almud Krejza

Photo & film: Katharina Lochmann

A co-production by Asher O’Gorman and imagetanz/brut

Thanks to: Sara Lanner, Anne-Clara Stahl, Iris Dittler, Tara Silverthorn, Die Angewandte, Brick-5

Residency partners: OileanAir Ireland, Im_Flieger Vienna

Funded by: The City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office ,

Embassy of Ireland

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