comb with a silent b is a trans-disciplinary work grounded in choreography between two people that emerges out of imagining what can come from taking more time.  Through the choreography Asher O’Gorman and Tara Silverthorn imagine physically how it is possible to become less serious about the serious, and more serious about the less serious. Drawing on a collection of movements, materialities and meetings, constellations are woven together to create a detailed, sensorial composition.  Journeying through a choreographic landscape where objects become agents of their own qualities, moments of ambiguity transform into moments of satisfying clarity; images appearing and dissolving.  

Two bodies in close proximity angled in towards each other, one relaxed open, the other stood leaning with a straightness towards a little white shape sitting above the floor as if hovering, in fact a piece of scrap polystyrene given the room to speak, the body drops her head allowing herself to see the upsidedown of it all tips of fingers meeting the lightness of the bubbled texture barely grabbing pick up, carried and panned threw the air they both move forward with direction and motivation, a definitive image starts to arise of a large landscape as what is now a plane sores through the air and down to its landing strip, disappearing into a noise of screeching plastic.

Sound; Daniel Lercher

Supported by; Im_Flieger, D.ID Dance Identity, Jardin d’Europe Wild Card in partnership with Southbank Centre London and Workshop Foundation Budapest. WUK ttp, Startstipendium BMUKK, Independent Dance/Siobhan Davies Studios, Greenwich Dance Agency, Firkin Crane, Bellyflop’s Cue Positions.




if a bee falls in(to) a box

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