three forms of writing

choreography - ‘written notation of dancing’

(from the Greek words khoreia ‘dancing in unison’, khoros ‘chorus’ graphia > graphy ‘writing’)

chromatography - ‘colour writing"

(from the Greek words chroma ‘colour’ and graphia > graphy ‘writing’)

cartography - Latin word charta-, which means “tablet or leaf of paper,”

(from the Greek word graphia > graphy ‘writing’)

A meeting of things intensifies materiality revealing new forms and image.

Strips of cellulose paper and square green blocks, acting as coordinates, are arranged and mapped

out horizontally, forming grids. These preparations create a landscape in which three curious bodies

indicate colour writing, through shifts of weight and pressing gestures. Colour migrates across the

paper, glimpsing at a state of change that slowly writes and re-writes itself. As the paper offers a

body in which the colour can occupy and choreograph.

performance; Iris Dittler, Anne-Clara Stahl and Asher O’Gorman

photos: Ramiro Wong

Asher O’Gorman // choreography // visual arts

© 2021, Asher O’Gorman. all rights reserved.

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