16.01.2018 is a performance exhibiting collaborative work within the Arts. It is built up of four compositional elements. A choreography moved in space, our hands, bodies engaged in the collaborative act of folding paper;    a line composition inscribed into the paper, reflecting moved moments; a textured material sound-scape;               an object, also a means of documentation, refocussing through transition from folding towards sculptural spacial forms. All three relate to each other and one cannot exist without the others.

To dialogue with a surface, fold it,

To dialogue with a space that you are within,

fold something inside of it.

To dialogue with a material, work on it.

To dialogue with the act of folding, do it with more hands

by Anne-Clara Stahl and Asher O’Gorman

photos: ayse gül yüceil



if a bee falls in(to) a box

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