stroke all the colours out of the sky - a portrayal of the artists process

Did you ever spend time standing next to a sculpture wondering how it came into being? Asher O’Gorman works in collaboration with three Vienna-based visual artists Sophia Gatzkan, Julia Haugeneder and Lukas Hochrieder who work within the medium of sculpture and object art to discover, choreograph and reveal their physical process within the art of making.

Three visual artists perform a composed account of them at work. The performance exhibits ‘the artist process' which entails elements of the precarious and the phenomenal; The unravelling of the ravelled; Ritual and spectacle; The edge of “failure”; Intimacy and vulnerability. Buckets of glue, rolls of plaster, slabs of clay, red bricks and strips of metal perform as the artists generously allow the usually hidden sight of them 'making' to emerge. They move between skillful, practical movements, new experiences and revisit biographical events which tease perceptions of what's real and what's imagined. Multidisciplinary artist Christa L. Wall creates the sonic layer for this work. Following the performance, the audience is invited to view an exhibition of the inscribed objects.

Asher O’Gorman // choreography // visual arts

© 2021, Asher O’Gorman. all rights reserved.

if a bee falls in a forest

the way of ink ••º•

if a bee falls in(to) a box

petals on wet black tarmacpetals_on_black_tarmac-Affor-Dances_of_Things.html

a little rise as you stand softly

“The line of today is not the line of tomorrow.

Shaving skin, full buckets, crumbling the reminiscence of clay worms scooped into urns, to hold,
the death and life of an artwork coming into being. Slaughtering.

Squeezing blueish nuances tight.

Forms of pleasure and work, busy to evoke, busy to be, borrowed from sites of memory.

A reason to touch, a move to seduce, a shape that might hold —
brace and be braced”.

Asher O’Gorman, 2022