petals on wet black tarmac: Affor-Dances of Things

As a choreographer, and visual artist, Asher O’Gorman opens out the personal, relational, and metaphysical manner in which we engage with objects and each other.

Asher offers a set of tactile materials of ambiguous purpose which are complex in nature. This is accompanied by an audio score/guide which generously invites the visitors into a physical dialogue with the materials, begetting intimacy; encouraging reflection; moving the objects from exhibits to vibrant partners, unfolding possibilities of future engagement.

These performative interactions explore the haptic nature of things, highlighting the exhilarating experience of the body when given over to working with real stuff, triggering the senses with satisfying noises and physical contact which releases the latent agency of raw materials.

This live installation reveals the wonder of the “ordinary”; making what is often unobserved or overlooked, visible. It challenges the hegemony of anthropocentrism.



if a bee falls in(to) a box

the way of ink ••º•

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