if a bee falls in a forest (work in process) is a natural science performance conjuring enchanted realms of the visual and audio. Three alchemist artists follow a self-written pseudo spell book containing the equation for transcribing and transmutation. Choreographed movements and tactile interactions with sculptures produce an ethereal sound composition. Sound vibrations forcefully move sculptures. Objects and bodies illuminate the intricacy of sound and give it physical body. Light transforms into water, water turns into sound and sound is made visible.

By and with Daniel Lercher, Tara Silverthorn, Asher O’Gorman

Photo’s and Film: Katharina Lochmann

Residency partners: Tanz*Hotel, Vienna

if a bee falls in a forest will be developed throughout 2020/2021 thanks to the support of Arnolfini, Bristol and WUK performing Arts, Vienna.

Raw MaterialsRAW_MATERIALS.htmlRAW_MATERIALS.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
the way of ink ••º•the_way_of_ink.html
Research Filmhttps://vimeo.com/351147476