COMB began through conversations, writing stories, coloured chalk drawings, dancing, baking a birthday cake. It sprang from questions about what we perceive as work and what we perceive as life? What do we consider child’s play and what is adult seriousness? The project questioned how these aspects of being human are valued by examining them within the frame of dance-making.

We purposefully entered into the creative process without deadlines, performances, or planned outcomes, eliminating any external or internal pressures that might have come along and consequently asked the question, what could ‘productivity’ mean for us? We interrogated and unravelled the normative rehearsal rules. Where are the boundaries between work and ‘not-work’ blurred? What divisions and parameters do we create or let go of (if any) in order to ‘work’? And what conditions do we need in order to ‘play’? By doing this, we cultivated an uninhibited and non-judgmental space for the things that we did to organically unfold.

Choreography; Tara Silverthon & Asher O’Gorman

Cinematography; Jason Brooks 




© 2021, Asher O’Gorman. all rights reserved.